What Is the Best Martial Art ?

Once you have a list of the styles that might work for you, start contacting the local schools that teach those methods. The research should correspond to the information provided by the school. For instance, there are only two recognized branches in Taekwondo: the International Taekwon-Do Federation and the Kukkiwon/World Taekwondo Federation. A Taekwondo school’s instruction and the belts it awards students may not be legitimate or authentic if it cannot substantiate its affiliation with one of these groups. Ask if there are programs designed especially for kids or if the kids are placed in a general class.

If being among older, teens, or adults makes you feel intimidated, perhaps a general class isn’t the ideal choice for you. As a high student to teacher ratio will limit the amount of one-on-one training time you get with the instructor, find out how many students and teachers are in each class. Find out if the instructors are trained in child education or first aid. Find out if the schools have designated training programs that teach coaches how to teach. Remember that winning at a sport doesn’t necessarily translate into being a good teacher; just think about all the great players in football and hockey who went on to have horrendously unsuccessful coaching careers.

Learn how much expertise the senior or master teacher has. Learn about the recurring charges associated with attending the school, which may include things like uniform prices, promotion testing fees, and additional gear requirements like shin and arm protectors for sparring sessions. Find out how long the school has been operating, how long it has been at its current location, and whether it supports the community through fundraising efforts or team service projects. These items are significant indicators of how dedicated the teachers and masters are to the institution.

Once you’ve located a school, you must examine the actual building. You might not be able to tolerate the school’s physical location or the technology it employs once you actually visit it. In the case that your children are eager to start attending the school and you find that you are uncomfortable there, you will probably want to visit it without them. Many schools may let you observe or even take part in a free class so you can gain a better understanding of the teaching methodology and how the facilities are used. Only after you are happy with the school, the teaching method, and the degree of education you will receive should someone introduce you to the institution.

Other Advice

If martial arts training becomes a family pastime, kids class may be more committed to it. You can think about enrolling in self defense lessons to help you be more committed to exercising outside of the classroom.


Numerous schools place a strong emphasis on discipline and regard for parents, teachers, and seniors. It could be necessary to stress how important it is outside of school in order to practice this respect at home.

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