Sparsha Chatterjee of SalesDuo: Estimate Amazon Sales to Grow Your Business: A Comprehensive How-To Guide

Estimating Amazon sales is crucial for sellers looking to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies on the platform. Whether you are launching a new product, planning inventory levels, or evaluating marketing campaigns, having accurate sales estimates empowers you to navigate the competitive landscape effectively. In this article, we will equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed projections and drive success in your Amazon business.

You can utilize an array of free resources to compute sales, gauge performance, and estimate profits for both existing products in your Amazon store and potential items you might be contemplating selling online.

Let’s take a look at how to use Amazon’s free Revenue Calculator along with other free Amazon sales estimation tools to propel the growth of your business.

Calculating Estimated Amazon Sales with the Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator is a free tool that lets you compare fees, costs, and projected net profits for your own fulfillment method with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA is a fulfillment option wherein you can ship products into Amazon’s fulfillment network and outsource packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Opting for FBA can streamline operations, minimize costs, and foster business growth.

This is how the FBA Revenue Calculator works:

  • Enter the SKU, ISBN, UPC, EAN, ASIN, or title of the product and click Search.
  • In the list of products that appears, click Select for the one you want to estimate.
  • Review the price, associated fees and costs, net profits, and net margins for FBA.
  • Enter your own fulfillment and storage costs.
  • Compare and analyze costs, profits, and margins to grasp the revenue potential of each fulfillment method.

At the bottom of the FBA calculator, you can change the number under Estimated sales to check the resulting net profit and margin for the specified quantity.

This Amazon sales calculator additionally enables you to estimate the potential revenue of products not currently listed in the Amazon store using the Define product tab. Moreover, you can utilize the Estimate in bulk tab to generate sales estimates for multiple products simultaneously.

Advantages of Using Amazon Sales Estimators to Analyze Amazon Sales Data

To boost sales, maintain a proactive stance, and identify trends, leveraging Amazon calculators and data can streamline your efforts and provide a competitive advantage. Instead of basing your operations on chance, elevate your strategy by accessing precise and current figures, enabling informed decisions regarding inventory, pricing, and more.

Apart from the FBA Revenue Calculator, you can delve into the dashboards within your Seller Central account to monitor sales and essential metrics.

Third-party Tools to Estimate Amazon Sales 

Numerous third-party tools are available to estimate Amazon sales, and many of them are free-to-use for all sellers. Let’s take a look at a couple of them here:

  1. Jungle Scout Amazon Sales Estimator: This Amazon sales estimator provides average monthly sales figures for various product categories on Amazon. By searching for products within the Amazon store, you can obtain forecasts for average daily, weekly, and monthly sales, all based on real-time data. 
  2. Helium10 Amazon Sales Estimator: The Amazon Sales Estimator from Helium10 provides estimates of sales and revenue, aiding in the prediction of average monthly sales volume. These estimates are derived from factors such as keyword ranking, search volume, conversion rate, and more.

Resources for Estimating Revenue Opportunities on Amazon 

Now that we have looked into tools that can help you get Amazon sales estimates, let’s check out some resources that can help you identify and estimate revenue opportunities.

  1. Growth Opportunities

For Amazon store sellers, utilizing Growth Opportunities in Seller Central (login required) can enhance sales, minimize costs, and boost traffic. This free Amazon sales estimator ranks your existing products according to the potential impact of specific actions, such as creating a Sponsored Product ad or setting a B2B discount.

For every product and recommendation, Growth Opportunities presents an estimated increase in potential sales, along with details on conversion rates and the average daily views the product has garnered on the Amazon store over the past 30 days. These recommendations are refreshed daily.

To access Growth Opportunities:

  • Sign in to your Amazon selling account.
  • Open the main menu and hover over Growth.
  • Select Growth Opportunities.

Before accessing Growth Opportunities, ensure your product offers are up-to-date and that you have enough sales history for accurate recommendations.

  1. FBA Enrollment Opportunities

Seeking to enhance your fulfillment approach? Utilize FBA Enrollment Opportunities in Seller Central (login required) to gauge the potential sales boost from enrolling a product in FBA. This tool also enables you to enroll eligible products from your catalog.

FBA Enrollment Opportunities displays products you currently sell but fulfill directly, offering estimates for the potential sales increase over a 90-day period and the cost of fulfilling the product with FBA.

To access FBA Opportunities:

  • Sign in to your Amazon selling account.
  • Open the main menu, hover over Inventory, and then select FBA Inventory.
  • On the FBA Inventory page, select Opportunities at the top.

Before utilizing this Amazon sales calculator, ensure you are enrolled in FBA, have active FBA offers, and meet the minimum sales history requirement for FBA products.

  1. Product Opportunity Explorer

Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer enables you to uncover untapped customer demand areas by analyzing customer search and purchasing patterns.

Utilize this sales estimator to explore various product categories and subcategories. Additionally, you can search by keyword or ASIN to access insights into search, sales, and pricing data. For instance, filtering to display niches with a low total product count and a high search volume could indicate a potential opportunity for introducing a new product.

To access Product Opportunity Explorer:

  • Sign in to your Amazon selling account.
  • Open the main menu and hover over Growth.
  • Select Product Opportunity Explorer.

Estimate Profits, Enhance Margins, and Grow Your Business

Precisely predicting sales can drive your progress in e-commerce. Estimate revenue, then use the insights to optimize inventory management and refine pricing strategies, allowing you to stay ahead of competitors and maximize profitability. With the right tools and data at your disposal, you can make timely adjustments and capitalize on opportunities to boost sales and broaden your market presence.

Apart from using the free resources outlined above to estimate Amazon sales, consider upgrading to a Professional selling plan to access additional sales data sources such as Amazon Brand Analytics. Exclusive to brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, this suite of dashboards offers metrics for estimating sales volume, product potential, and more. Brand Registry is a free resource to safeguard your intellectual property and cultivate your brand identity, even if you are not currently selling on Amazon’s platform.

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