How to Modify the Product Installation or License Registration Key Code for Microsoft Office 2021

The Microsoft Office 2021 product installation and registration key must occasionally be changed. The PC was imaged from another PC with the same product installation key, you installed a legally purchased license key on a PC where Microsoft Office was previously installed illegally using a pirated licensing code, or you installed the incorrect key in the first place. With this method, you may rapidly change the key without having to uninstall and reload your software, which is a benefit.

100 million copies of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional have been sold. Why is it so well-liked? Has Office 2021 added any new features since 2021? The answer is categorically “YES.”

2021 SharePoint Server

If your business likewise updates to SharePoint Server 2021, you’ll notice significant changes in the new version. Office 2021 is brimming with tools that enable SharePoint users to manage and modify each other’s files, whether locally via a SharePoint server connection or remotely via a Web browser or mobile device.

The clear objective of Microsoft is to get businesses to purchase Microsoft’s collaboration tools rather than those from Google or any other cloud-based service. Microsoft appears to be technically brilliant, but it is unclear whether Microsoft will be able to persuade businesses to lock themselves into an expensive proprietary service during this uncertain economic climate.

Available in 64- and 32-Bit Versions

Office 2021 will be the first iteration of the suite to be offered in both 32- and 64-bit editions, which is another innovation. Although we haven’t yet acquired the 64-bit version, we’ll report on how well it runs under 64-bit Windows as soon as we can.

There are more factors besides these two that contribute to its popularity

Please be aware that it is legal to buy microsoft office 2021 professional plus or any other program using a license or installation code that was obtained illegally, or to install more copies of the software than you are permitted by law. This guide should only be applied when using an installation key that was obtained legally.

The steps in the technique below explain how to modify the Windows registry to get rid of the old product key, allowing Microsoft to activate the new key online. The wrong way to update the Windows registry can lead to a number of issues, from unusable software to Windows that won’t even start. It is assumed that you are comfortable altering the registry before continuing. If the reader is unsure how to proceed, they should get in touch with a certified computer support professional.

Opening the Registry Editor

  • If you encounter a problem and need to revert to the previous settings, export this key for use.
  • Find and remove the DigitalProductID and ProductID registry keys from the Registration container.
  • Any Microsoft Office application you launch after that will request you to register your activation key. To finish registration, just adhere to the instructions. Click the Office button in the top-left corner of Microsoft Word, select Word Options, pick Resources, and then click the “Activate” button in the section titled “Activate Microsoft Office” to view the status of your Microsoft Office product registration in Office 2021. Additionally, you can manually register your software using this button.

You might get trial alerts for unlicensed Office components when you run Office, depending on the version of Office you are registering and which version, if any, is pre-installed on the computer. If this happens, restart Microsoft Office the necessary number of times until the trial period is up, and you won’t get the obnoxious warning any longer!

The Office 2021 Small Business Edition MPK version of Office, which came pre-installed on a new PC, was used to test this technique. It should function on Windows XP and later versions of Microsoft Windows, despite not having been tested. All Microsoft Office 2021 editions should support it, although earlier versions might not.

Where else may businesses turn if they don’t want to use SA or volume licensing? Several free manuals (e-books) on Microsoft Office 2021 are currently offered, and they examine the modifications and upgrade options that 2021 has to offer. However, they are challenging to locate online, so you could need to consult the specialists for assistance. In the Support Section of the Microsoft website, there is further information about 2021, mostly about the functionalities to download microsoft office professional plus 2021.

Computer-based training is another alternative. Your personnel may easily update their Microsoft skills using computer-based training because they can do it at their own pace. The education includes:

An introduction to Microsoft that includes information about the updated Ribbon,

An examination of the file types added to Office 2021 and carried over to 2021,

A summary of the revolutionary new features shared by all Office 2021 programs,

A review of the brand-new features exclusive to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneNote; -An examination of the updated web applications compatible with Microsoft Office 2021.

You will be guided through every feature of the updated Office 2021 software via computer-based training. It emphasizes the changes and enhancements done in addition to the new accessories. Additionally, computer-based training will impart information and “know how,” enabling your personnel to complete the necessary tasks.

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