Creative Executive and Founder/CEO of TEMPO Networks, Frederick A. Morton, Jr. Is a Classical Representation of the Caribbean Culture

Frederick A. Morton, Jr. has dedicated his entire life to promoting the rich, but unfortunately underrepresented Caribbean culture. He has sworn to streamline the culture of his motherland and make the world see its wonders through the eyes of a native son. From growing up in St. Croix to practicing a high-profile law career, Frederick has been a creative thinker and a true patriot all the way. 

Frederick is a man with big dreams who loved the Caribbean with every ounce of his being. That’s the reason why, when he moved to the US and established himself as an esteemed attorney, he couldn’t just sit tight and let his love for the homeland fade away with the distance. Instead, he manifested his patriotism and the vision to share the Caribbean with the rest of the world through TEMPO Networks, a network that he envisioned to become the ultimate platform for the entire Caribbean experience. And seventeen years later, the channel has accomplished just that. 

Born and raised in St. Croix, Frederick had grown an immense passion for the region, its culture, traditions, and people. His law degree from Rutgers University and Public Administration master’s degree from Columbia University furthered his passion for fulfilling his dream of bringing a united Caribbean to the world. This passion ultimately resulted in a groundbreaking venture in the form of TEMPO Networks. 

With an ever-growing cable viewership of 5 million and millions more on its social media and digital platforms, TEMPO is not just the first but the only pan-Caribbean 24/7 cable television network currently broadcasting Caribbean culture, traditions, cuisine, artists, cocktails, festivals, and at the core, music. 

Despite the fact that the Caribbean is one region and stands as a single united community, the archipelago’s myriad and vibrant cultures display its more diversified side, one that remained unexplored and unattended for a very long time – until TEMPO Networks came along. 

TEMPO Networks was founded by Frederick in 2005 to cater to more than forty million Caribbean natives and millions outside the region who are connected by a shared history, legacy, and experiences. Since then, the entertainment network has gone on to bridge the space between islands, bringing the culturally rich Caribbean community to the entire world. And today, Frederick A. Morton, Jr. has become the face of the Caribbean media and culture, presenting a unified Caribbean diaspora in all its glory. 

“I have a love for the Caribbean that’s not normal,” says Mr. Tempo. Earth’s last Eden, as he calls the Caribbean, comes hand-in-hand with glorious tropical settings, sandy beaches, and swaying palms. Moreover, family values, daily rituals, and laid-back lifestyles have further shaped Caribbean culture. No wonder Frederick’s first love has been his homeland day and night. Wanna experience the magnificent splendor of Frederick’s homeland? Have a look at TEMPO’s website here, and you’ll be feeling the Caribbean in no time.

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